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What is the role of the car intake and exhaust solenoid valve, what is required for this solenoid valve

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Whatistheroleofthecarintakeandexhaustsolenoidvalve:thecarsolenoidvalveistheactuatoroftheelectroniccontrolsystem,mainlyactingasadiverterswitch,usingtheelectricenergyflowingthroughthecoiltogenerateelectromagneticsuctiontothevalvecore(overcomingthespringorself-gravity)Attraction,dividedintotwocategories:normallyopenandnormallyclosed. Whatisrequiredforthissolenoidvalve:usedtocutoffthecirculationofoil,water,gas,etc.,withautomaticcontrolofelectricalequipmentsuchaspressureandtemperaturesensors.Forexample,thegasolinesolenoidvalveisusedtoopenandclosetheoilcircuit.
What is the role of the car intake and exhaust solenoid valve: the car solenoid valve is the actuator of the electronic control system, mainly acting as a diverter switch, using the electric energy flowing through the coil to generate electromagnetic suction to the valve core (overcoming the spring or self-gravity) Attraction, divided into two categories: normally open and normally closed.
What is required for this solenoid valve: used to cut off the circulation of oil, water, gas, etc., with automatic control of electrical equipment such as pressure and temperature sensors. For example, the gasoline solenoid valve is used to open and close the oil circuit.