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Application and principle of solenoid valve in factory

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Asthemostcommonexternaldriveunit,solenoidvalvesarewidelyusedinindustry.Whatistheprincipleofsolenoidvalves?Whataretheclassifications?Thesolenoidvalveiscomposedofasolenoidandamagneticcoreandisavalvebodycontainingoneorseveralholes.Whenthecoilisenergizedorde-energized,theoperationofthecorewillcausefluidtopassthroughthevalvebodyorbeseveredtoachievethepurposeofchangingthedirectionofthefluid.Theelectromagneticcomponentofthesolenoidvalveiscomposedofafixedironcore,amovingironcore,acoilandthelike;thevalvebodyportioniscomposedofaslidingvalvecore,aslidingvalvesleeve,aspringbaseandthelike.Thesolenoidismounteddirectlyonthevalvebodyandthevalvebodyisenclosedinasealedtubetoformacompact,compactcombination. Thesolenoidvalvescommonlyusedinfactorieshavetwo-positiontwo-way,three-positionfour-way,etc.The"pass"and"position"ofthesolenoidvalveareimportantconceptsofthereversingvalve. Bitreferstothestateofthespool; "Two-positionvalve"meansthatthestateofthespoolisonlytwokindsof"open"and"off";thecorrespondingelectricalsystemreferstothechargingandde-energizingofasinglesolenoidvalvecoil. "Three-positionvalve"meansthatthestateofthespoolhasthreekindsof"open","off"and"middle";fortheelectricalsystem,itreferstothethreestatesofthetwocoilsusedtogether(1Aisde-energizedB;2ApowerlossBpower,3ABarepowerloss). Throughtheunconnectedpipejointsonthevalvebody,theswitchingofdifferentpipesiscontrolledbytheactionofthespool,andthechangeofthepassagemeansthechangeofthemediumpipe,thatis,themovementoftheexternalequipment; InthePLCsystem,thesolenoidvalveisappliedinthisway.ThePLCcontrolstherelayoutput,andtherelaycontactclosestotransmitthepowertothesolenoidvalvecoil.Thecoiliselectricallydriventomovethespool,andtheactionoftheexternaldeviceiscontrolledbycontrollingthechangeofthemediumcircuit.Usuallyagaspathoranoilcircuit.
As the most common external drive unit, solenoid valves are widely used in industry. What is the principle of solenoid valves? What are the classifications?
The solenoid valve is composed of a solenoid and a magnetic core and is a valve body containing one or several holes. When the coil is energized or de-energized, the operation of the core will cause fluid to pass through the valve body or be severed to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. The electromagnetic component of the solenoid valve is composed of a fixed iron core, a moving iron core, a coil and the like; the valve body portion is composed of a sliding valve core, a sliding valve sleeve, a spring base and the like. The solenoid is mounted directly on the valve body and the valve body is enclosed in a sealed tube to form a compact, compact combination.
The solenoid valves commonly used in factories have two-position two-way, three-position four-way, etc. The "pass" and "position" of the solenoid valve are important concepts of the reversing valve.
Bit refers to the state of the spool;
"Two-position valve" means that the state of the spool is only two kinds of "open" and "off"; the corresponding electrical system refers to the charging and de-energizing of a single solenoid valve coil.
"Three-position valve" means that the state of the spool has three kinds of "open", "off" and "middle"; for the electrical system, it refers to the three states of the two coils used together (1 A is de-energized B ; 2 A power loss B power, 3 AB are power loss).
Through the unconnected pipe joints on the valve body, the switching of different pipes is controlled by the action of the spool, and the change of the passage means the change of the medium pipe, that is, the movement of the external equipment;
In the PLC system, the solenoid valve is applied in this way. The PLC controls the relay output, and the relay contact closes to transmit the power to the solenoid valve coil. The coil is electrically driven to move the spool, and the action of the external device is controlled by controlling the change of the medium circuit. Usually a gas path or an oil circuit.