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Mainly engaged in precision manufacturing and processing, vehicle oil inlet solenoid valve, oil outlet solenoid valve, common rail pump metering valve research and development, production and sales

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The years are like songs, treks like dances, and flicks between fingers. Haoguan Enterprise has gone through eight years of struggle since then. Keeping up with the pace of the times, benefiting from the meticulous care of all walks of life, the great help of customers and partners, relying on pioneering spirit, realistic and pragmatic work, and the struggle of working together in the same boat, the company currently has 8 automatic common rail oil pump blank production lines, with 16 processing centers, all kinds of additional. There are dozens of machine tools and 3 production lines for various blades.
Thank you all for your concern and help to our friends and partners. You have witnessed the footprint of Haoguan's steady growth. Your unswerving support has urged and spurred us to devote ourselves to the research and development of precision manufacturing, automotive oil inlet solenoid valves, oil outlet solenoid valves, common rail pump metering valves and the leapfrog development of enterprises themselves. And walk steadfastly.
Yesterday's cultivation, today's harvest, tomorrow's starting point. We will adhere to the business purpose of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, good faith and quality, win-win cooperation" and will work hand in hand with all old and new friends and partners to forge ahead and forge ahead to create a brilliant tomorrow.